Death by Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookies are able to offer you sage advice by offering you the most generic statement possible. Somehow it resonates with you, and a spark of insight is created.

I believe a lot of information you take in suffers from this same weakness. People can dish out almost any information, and you will find meaning in it.

This is particularly a problem with the online world. Content creators usually make very little money for each piece of content they create, so they are rewarded by making more of it. So it grows and grows, and you the reader are left sifting through the rubble to find meaning in it all.

What is my recommendation on this matter? Read and watch the classics. Works that have stood the test of time offer us a meaningful connection.

I recently re-read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The advice inside here, which ranges from positive thinking to the power of creating good habits, is repeated time and time again in various forms. So reading the original source of this information is a lot more enlightening, and I tend to trust it more. It is also just simpler and easier on the mind, to read one book instead of one hundred imitations.