Elliott Fienberg

Sound, DIY Electronics and Creative Strategies

My work stems from a love for tinkering and discovery. Part of my focus deals with tactile technology, which came from a history of being a musician. This is explored further with the creation of Spaghetti Lab. Another side of my work deals with motivating creative people to do the work to find their audience.

Upcoming Workshops

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017
Zen and the Art of Marketing Your Online Store

A workshop for boosting your online store’s presence in time for the holidays.


  • Sound Spaghetti is a modular synthesizer for kids. The prototype was built using Arduino and Max. Displayed at OCAD University’s Graduate Exhibibition in 2015, as well as Intersections at Yonge and Dundas Square.

  • Spaghetti Lab grew out of the Sound Spaghetti project. It’s first project was an Arduino starter kit for younger audiences. The project continues with workshops and more kits at spaghettilab.ca
  • Audible Conversions is a performance that uses a wind sensor which would affect the sound being generated by the computer. The project was done as a collaboration with The Patching Zone in Rotterdam.

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Able to work on a variety of projects, so get in touch to see where I might help.