Sound, DIY Electronics and Creative Strategies

My work stems from a love for tinkering and discovery. Part of my focus deals with tactile technology, which came from a history of being a musician. This is explored further with the creation of Spaghetti Lab. Another side of my work deals with motivating creative people to do the work to find their audience.


  • Sound Spaghetti is a modular synthesizer for kids. The prototype was built using Arduino and Max. Displayed at OCAD University’s Graduate Exhibibition in 2015, as well as Intersections at Yonge and Dundas Square.

  • Spaghetti Lab grew out of the Sound Spaghetti project. It’s first project was an Arduino starter kit for younger audiences. The project continues with workshops and more kits at
  • Audible Conversions is a performance that uses a wind sensor which would affect the sound being generated by the computer. The project was done as a collaboration with The Patching Zone in Rotterdam.

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