Why I Support the King St. Streetcar Project

The King Street Streetcar project is an effort by the City of Toronto to lower commuting times for the public. To do so, the city shutdown car access to one of its main streets in the downtown core, King Street, and made it available to streetcars exclusively, with some exceptions for taxi cabs at certain hours. Amongst the friends and family i’ve spoken to, this …

The Perfect Scrambled Eggs

It’s always tempting to heat up the pan really hot, add your butter or oil, pour in the scrambled yolks and have everything cook in four seconds. However i’ve found, and i’m sure 9 out 10 professional chefs will agree, that to actually cook scrambled eggs you have to set the pan to low heat. This will make them more fluffy, tasty and all around …

Don’t Add Salt to your Wounds

There is a saying in Buddhist teaching called the Two Arrows of Suffering. When hit with one arrow you will feel pain, but if you are hit in the same place you will feel a multiple of pain. This teaching refers to what happens when we are hurt somehow: Either we made a mistake or someone did something to us which is developing a reaction …

How I Got My iPhone to Charge Again

It turns out my iPhone charging port was full of lint. If you come into this problem too, you can take a toothpick and remove the offending fibres. In my case the lint wasn’t covering the contacts, but it was packed into the back of the charging port which means the lightening cable couldn’t get in far enough.

I Took a Year Off and This is What I’ve Learned

In December 2016 I decided to leave behind a perfectly fine job and take some time for myself to go travelling. The trip lasted about six months before I was tired and out of cash.

For the six months after I spent time back home in Toronto trying to figure out what I want to do, in addition to figuring out a financial picture for myself.

The first question you probably want to know is, “where did you go?”, so I will start there and then move to some of the lessons i’ve learned from this experience.

How to Focus

You have an idea for a creative business, or you already have one up and running. But you just can’t seem to find the time to get things moving, and if you have found the time you are wasting it. As someone who is easily distracted, I can not only relate but have done tons of research into this topic. Before we dive in to …